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At Impulse Wellness, we believe that stroke survivors should get the rehabilitation they desperately need. Using our unique feedback algorithms, engaging training games, and muscle sensing devices, patients are able to track their progress over time easier than ever. Let us join you and take this journey towards wellness together.



At Impulse Wellness, our mission is to build engaging and immersive tools that help the functionally impaired take a more active role in their recovery process. With our cutting edge technology, we will help those suffering from movement-related disorders gain an increase in long term mobility and an enhanced quality of life. We offer high-quality diagnostic and training tools that will be used to optimize therapy, speed up recovery, and fine-tune motor skills.




Stroke Survivors in the US begin rehabilitation each year

32 movements

are done in a single therapy session

100s of repetitions

Are needed to maximize motor improvement


A lot of the tools we have are great in the clinic. Having therapists walk me through them is great, but once I get back home, I am immediately overwhelmed by the technologies and how I can use them at home.

Stroke Survivor

Having a tool that provides meaningful feedback and will help me see my muscles firing will, without a doubt, improve my rehabilitation regiment!

Stroke Survivor

The greatest challenge to stroke rehabilitation is once patients leave the clinic. They no longer are under intense guidance and supervision, so a tool that would aid in that would be invaluable.

PM&R Physician


This is the group of uniquly skilled individuals that make this project what it is today!


Jasper Mark

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A PhD student studying neuromechanics and stroke rehabilitation at UNC Chapel Hill, Jasper brings a unique insight to the team regarding technologies available for stroke rehabilitation. He provides valuable research experience and has utilized a variety of biomarker technologies when studying early stroke rehabilitation.


Brady Adcock, MS

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Adcock holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Appalachian State with industry experience at FAST Enterprises and Lindy Bio-sciences prior to founding Impulse. Brady leads embedded systems development in addition to our Bluetooth technology implementations as a full-stack engineer guru.


Yujie Du, MD, MBA

Chief Commercial Officer

With a professional background in clinical medicine, first-line experience as a neurologist, and exposure both in biotech and pharmeceutical industry, Yujie is a mission-driven dream chaser leveraging her skill set to solve healthcare problems. With an MBA from Duke's Fuqua school of business, Yujie will ensure Impulse has success in improving the quality of life and outcomes for all users.


Benjamin Ryle, MS

Lead Embedded Engineer

An Integrated Circuit Design Verification Engineer at Nvidia, Ben received his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from NC State. Through his schooling and industry experience, Ben is a capable embedded system designer, with experience in Mixed Physical/Digital systems, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and Circuit Design.



Conceptualization and Preliminary Research

We are doing product conceptualization consisting of a literature search and consumer feedback missions. All of this is done in tandem with the formation our corporation.


Prototype Research and Development

The construction of the design for our application, biomarker computation, Hardware Bread Board Design, biofeedback algorithm, and our PCB design.


Minimum Viable Product Creation

We will work on hardware and application refinement while building our mobile game. We are also going be enchancing our feedback algorithm.


Product Testing & Launch

At this stage, we plan to get some usability tests, clinical implication assessments, and market test completed. Once we review that data, we will reasess our Mininmum Viable Product Creation stage, begin our marketing campaign, and launch our product.

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